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Web Dev


Hi There!

I'm Arek - a freelance, full-stack web developer, designer and technical writer.

What I do?

I create all kinds of websites, web apps, open-source projects and many more — writing about all that along the way.

How can I help you?

If you need any kind of website, web app or something entirely different, I'm happy to help you — Let's talk!

"Very pleasant to work with his stuff is always top notch. I highly recommend this dev [for] any type of project you have in mind."


"Arek is a superb developer. Despite the limitations of the system we were dealing with he was able to deliver exactly what we needed. Great communication and great quality work. Highly recommend."

Scott Humphris @ MIDFIX

"Arek showed that he's a great developer interested in creating an awesome product for us. We're thrilled to stay in touch for any further opportunities..."

Danny Li @ NARATTA

"Arek provides an excellent advice, and the prepared application is stable and effective in the company's daily operations. Communication with Arek is very good, clear, and without any ambiguities."

Paweł, CEO @ FOSET



I have experience in a variety of technologies and tools and choose the best ones for any given project.

If you want your project to be built with a specific stack, we can discuss that.

For small to mid-sized projects, the payment is upfront.

For larger projects, we can identify specific milestones, and decide on a custom payment schedule.

Even if you're coming with just an idea, I can help you flesh out the details, create a design, and build the actual project.

That said, the more details you can provide, the better. I can accommodate existing designs, specifications, etc. to make the end result better match your vision.

While there is always some room for small changes, if it's a major change (e.g. new feature, design rehaul, etc.), I'll likely take more time and cost extra.

We'll communicate via email, Slack channel or a Discord, depending on your preference.

Occasionally, we can also have a call to discuss major milestones and possible issues.

We start with a call to discuss the project. After that, if you're interested, I'll send you a proposal with the details and setup the communication channel.

I'll provide you with regular updates on the progress via our communication channel.

Once the project is done, I'll share the project files with you. Optionally, I can help you deploy the project, and/or provide you with a maintenance plan.

Usually I work only on new projects or on updates to existing projects I've built.

That said, if you need help with an existing project, we can discuss that. Before providing an estimate, I'll need to first review the project, to determine if I can help you with it.

Given additional time and effort required to work with existing codebase, the price will likely be higher.

Yes, I can sign an NDA, but it can't be excessive.

With or without an NDA, the details of your project won't be shared with anyone without your permission.

I don't offer refunds, due to the nature of work - it being done specifically for you and your project.

That said, if you're not satisfied with the result, I'll do my best to make it right.

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