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Arek Nawo
12 May 2020
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Announcing Docking - Static-Site Generator for Isotope ecosystem!

Just a day before this post, I announced Prototope - Tailwind-inspired CSS-in-JS library to go alongside Isotope UI library. The goal of this library was and is not only to provide better integration with utility-based CSS toolkit but also to extend Isotope’s ecosystem and increase it’s perceived value, making lives of all potential Isotope’s users out there, even easier!

And it’s with similar thoughts in mind, that I introduce you to Docking 🎉 - a Static-Site Generator (SSG) built upon the Isotope ecosystem.

Docking logo
Docking logo

Docking is meant to be a simple, go-to SSG, for anyone already familiar with Isotope and Prototope, who’d like to make a nice, Markdown-based static (or JAM-stacked if you like) website without much hassle. It prioritizes simplicity, ease-of-use, and great development-experience (just like other libraries in the Isotope ecosystem).

Docking relies on opinionated file structure with special directories for static assets, Markdown content, and Isotope components respectively. All complexities like bundling, path resolving and even TypeScript support are handled seamlessly.

So, if I managed to get you interesting in Docking and Isotope ecosystem as a whole, feel free to check out the GitHub repo (consider dropping a star ⭐ while you’re at it) and Docking’s own documentation.

As always, if you’d like to stay up-to-date with Isotope, Docking, or any other Web Development stuff that I blog about, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or through my newsletter! Thanks for checking in! 🤗

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