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I offer my expertise in web development - both front-end (including UI design, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue & other frameworks) and back-end (Node.js), as well as Electron-based app development. If you're interested, the following services are available:

  • have a website designed and made for you
  • consulting on your web-based project
  • implementing a desired feature for your use-case

Otherwise, if you're running a tech/programming-related business and are interested in getting your name out there, feel free to contact me about advertising opportunities on this blog (~50K unique visitors every month). The following options are available:

  • sponsor this blog
  • advertise on this blog (paid link, dedicated blog post, ad placement)

If you're interested in any of these offerings, then contact me through my email: [email protected], or my Facebook page, or Twitter DM.