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Arek Nawo
24 Jun 2021
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Windows 11 vs macOS Monterey - a briliant but blatant copy

So, today was the Windows 11 event, where the next after last version of Windows was announced.

I’ve got to be honest - as much as I bought into the whole marketing, I just couldn’t help myself but see Windows becoming more macOS-like.

I don’t know how to approach it - is it just that Microsoft accepted some kind of defeat or design superiority of Apple? I certainly hope not. Because as much as I love the look of macOS, I do appreciate the signature left-aligned menu of Windows and the legacy it carries.

To show my point, here’s an overview of “new stuff” in Windows 11 (I’m going to be quick as you’ve most likely known this already before):

You see, pretty much every improvement and new feature of Windows 11, whether it’s good or bad, can be found in macOS. Maybe it’s just clever copying or a sign of broader market maturity - who knows?

However, what makes me more confident in this theory is how much Microsoft talked about developers, their openness, and how they’re welcoming new platforms, taking low to none commission, etc.

That’s all wonderful, but honestly - it’s nothing new. Windows has always been the more open platform, and it looks like it’ll remain as such. The fact that Microsoft is now so talkative about that is without a doubt a reference to the recent Epic vs. Apple drama.

It’s a clever move. Not very nice, clean, or innovative, but clever.

Windows 11 will most certainly be an improvement to existing Windows 10 users. Some design changes, whether “inspired” by macOS or not, give it a fresh look, and if that finally becomes consistent throughout the OS (which in leaked builds it was not), then maybe that’s what’s needed to give Windows new life.

With competition rising both from Apple Silicon-boosted macOS and Chrome OS, it remains to see whether Windows 11 will hold, lose, or gain market share when it drops early next year.

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